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cater (extract)

yesterday morning, my "dear" tinnitus came back without asking me any permission. pretty weird to feel this thing in my ear every time it comes back louder. it always happens during the night. i wake up in the morning, and bam, surprise, we're back!
still, they never really disappear. the sound is here 100% of the time, but during this last 8 days for exemple, it went so low that i could barely notice it.
i guess that it will take a few months before being able to do not care at all about these bugs. but who knows really. anyway. not preventing me from continuing my journey towards my dreams. thanks to isan for this one. isan's music is mental, the way i like it.

concerning the artwork, consider it as some sort of a rendez vous man/machine.
an extract of a larger piece from structura.

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Que dire... je ne peux qu'être désolée et compatir...
Si j'étais rebouteuse, je te jetterais le sort ad hoc, si j'étais prêtre, j'intercèderais auprès de qui de droit, si j'étais lama, sans doute demanderais-je l'indulgence de Bouddha, si j'étais animiste, je te ferais une potion, bénie par les esprits de la nature, etc., mais je ne suis rien de tout ça... Juste je te souhaite bon courage, en espérant que tu pourras bientôt cohabiter plus pacifiquement avec cet invité indésiré...

Sur un autre sujet, ton nouvel extrait est fabuleux, ton talent parle encore! La scène est grandiose et appelle l'imagination, vaste thème que les relations homme/machine...


the atmosphere here is really awesome, great depth and composition. I really like this piece.


Another huge piece... you'll never stop fascinating me...such a mastery of colors and compositions... such a unique and personnal touch... and always sensitive artworks...

Courage Nicolas!!


awesome painting!
Wonderful piece of work.
whish you the best


Big art!


Sorry to hear about the noise being back again - but the piece is looking really well . Love that warmth in amongst the cooler tones .That red \orange is killer .Love the scale as always . Can't wait to see the final book . Who are ya publishing with ??


A friend had the same problem that you some years ago, and now he's ok. The tinitus was caused by stress. Relax and some nutritious habits maybe can solve the problem. Never lost hope!


incredible..great water effect and composition


Toujours aussi merveilleuses tes illustrations. Décidemment, l'eau semble très présente ces derniers temps.. une signification quelconque ? En tout cas son rendu est toujours superbe, ces reflets, ces reflets... On s'en jetterai aux yeux toutes les heures si cela était possible !

Merci, une fois de plus, mais jamais assez.

Dominic Bugatto

lovely piece, great shapes & colors.

Cereal Killer

I hardly tried not to let my saliva going out of my open like dumb mouth whenever i stare at your works....
This one is sooo amazing!
I wonder what program do you use, cause it seems 3D and it seems photoshop...whatever it is, the result is soooo great!!
I like the effect of the shinning orange inside that dark cave-building.

I wonder where could i get any of those...i mean books...or whatever you are publishing.

Best regards!

Marco Bucci

Your work is like the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and technical know-how! This is just amazing.


humm, me parece muy bueno.


WOW!! Stunning!

francis tsai

nice - cant wait to see the book.

Mark Behm

Gorgeous piece, even if just a select part of it. I love the colors and mood. Very bold palette producing subtle results. So nice.

Alberto Russo

Very nice work! Terrible style!

Braden Matt

I don't know how you always do it, but once again, beautiful piece. Are you sure YOU'RE not a machine? Maybe you should go see a mechanic about your tinnitus, not a doctor. Good luck. keep em coming.

Craig Mackay

Such a gorgeous piece. I love the mood and the dynamic sense of scale.


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