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a fast experimental semi abstract scene, with flying entities. and now, bedtime, as tinnitus is playing with my nerve.

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Jared Shear

Cool those reds and that touch of pink in the background. Your site is always an inspiration in color, form, and imagination!

Jawn Lim

WOW! You never fail to inspire me. Keep it up... love the fuzziness of the flying vessel in the middle. Thanks for pushing my eye and brains in yet again new directions!


well after the perfect Jules Vernes' piece, it's gonna be difficult for you to impress me more...
just kidding!
another outstanding piece here!
and courage again with your tinnitus...

Eli Maffei

Sparth, this is great. The large looming structure with the stripes is very reminiscent of your older works. Good job.


wonderful lighting! Really dig the composition

Marco Bucci

NICE! Those intense reds are really vibrating against the rest of the painting.


awesome piece! The traffic light gives a really nice feel to it!

Ben Mauro

nice, this is one of my favorites so far.


Absolutely great work!

Mark Reep

Love the sense of scale, depth, look and feel of light filtered through distance and atmosphere. The Nautilus piece is outstanding, too- Working my way back through your other posts now :) Great work, great blog!

Alfred Llupia

The mood is fantastic,as always,good and inspiring work to watch and enjoy.Greetings

Anonymous godness... what a impressif piece of artwork.
I'm speechless in from of such talent.


Another winner here - I like how the abstraction leaves alot of room for interpretation on the viewer's part. And who doesn't love the Sparth Reds ? Excellent!

Marcos Mateu

Very, very nice! Love the strengh and subtlety of the light and color!

Armand Serrano

Great lighting.


I never fail to be inspired by your images. How you capture light so well is simply beyond me. Great work!


I just love how you blurred the speeding airplanes and the colour key is so painfully right.
I don't even want to talk about Nautilus ,just ,thanks for showing.


friggin super cool Sparth!


thanks for being there my friends. :)
i'm honored by each one of your posts.


Mastro Alberto Pagliaro

wow!! molto bella questa illustrazione.


Impressionant work. I add u to my artists blog. Work hard

Andrew Glazebrook

Totally grand stuff !!!


WOW! i love the color, lighting and composition. cool

Yu Chung Peter Chan the proportion, scale and depth.
very inspiring!




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