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sea vertigo

in my (rare) spare time, i have been reading "20000 under the sea" by jules verne. i have always been fascinated by this novel, i even remember that verne audiobook i had in my youth. it was on vynil, and i'm unable to find the same version today. the quality was absolutely great.
here's a personal interpretation of the nautilus. just for the sake of creating something for myself. i already have several other sketches ready. but i'm becoming picky...

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Ben Mauro

0_0 nice.

That was one of my favorite novels by Verne, followed closely by 'journey to the center of the earth'. still able to capture my imagination after all these years.


One word : awesome !
I've been reading the same book (again) a couple of months ago.
"Gründ editions" edited it with a beautiful cover and illustrations ; and the cover's colours are close to your artwork piece.


your Nautilus looks so great!!
you caught the book's mood so well too!!!
this piece is my favourite so far!!
I can't stop staring at it!!
thank you so much for these long minutes of dreaming.

Dominic Bugatto

Too cool!


magnificent piece! i really love the compositon and your masterful brushtrokes!


Sweet textures and I really like the design of the submarines . Kevin O'neil did some beautiful submarine designs for the league of extraordinary gentlemen ( the comic book not the movie ). Your version has a great industrial feel to it and the whole image has a sense of adventure .

Nice one .

A. Riabovitchev

These I call real Art!Fantastic!:o)

Sam Nielson

Impressive design, composition, colors, and values. What a great combination to make such a striking piece!

Mark McDonnell

You're incredible man. Love it great take on the head of a dino . . nice and the bubbles are a wonderful touch. You're one talented dude,

When's your book coming out?


Jawn Lim

AMAZING... to say the least... I am very encouraged by the emotion that you put into each piece of work. Very inspiring! Keep it coming!!!


Incredible. A wonderful version. Great lighting/atmosphere

Jackson Sze

Awesome underwater atmosphere... man, the color palette works so great for underwater as well.

Frasier Olivier

Belle compo ,belle lumiére ,une trés belle ambiance sous marine...


simple AMAZING¡¡¡
Like all.


hehe… gnnnnn… errrrrrgggg…, comme d'hab quoi, on peut jamais critiquer…



Ryan Wood

WHOAH, amazing colors! Great take on the story, thanks for the inspiration!

Marcos Mateu

Love the light and sense of color!

Eli Maffei

very nice Sparth. I like how the submarines are almost floating in an atmospheric environment. It plays nicely with the underwater qualities as well.

I linked your blog if you don't mind.


I like the figures below


incredible image! :D

Sandra Khoo

OOoooo,beautiful! Just beautiful! :)

Matt Berger

Beautiful work, mate! Really, anything you do nowdays is over my head in such experience I do not know how I could ever make things like you do. But I know I can if I persist in your footsteps. :]

Love the blog, please post more.


very nice

alberto mielgo


Casey Stadler

We hear about you in creative perspective class and they use your artwork as examples all the time. And you're only 35?! Just had to say you're amazing.

Marco Bucci

whoa, this is just too sweet.

Armand Serrano

Fantastic work.


MMMMmmmmmmgolly You have a great talent for atmosphere and mood. Your stylish submarine rules too.

Ramsés Meléndez

Fantastic concept!!!

Vladimir Bursać

Great concept, great palette, great image! One of my favourite.

Matt Connelly

Do you use photo reference to help with color
skeme? or is this all from memory and imagination? Awesome work.

Michael Gunder

Amazing atmosphire!!

very good technique..
really striking works!



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