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more flying things

more flying things for your viewing pleasure. :) oh, and that link has been circulating here and there lately. it's pretty amazing. i'm still wondering if this whole thing is real.

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Great to see you posting again, love these last two!

About that strange vehicles, I saw that link a few weeks back and looked into it, it's a Ground Effect Vehicle, doesn't actually fly, more like hovers over water.

The Artificial Owl

Hello Sparth,

The photos of your link are great! I think they are photos of a USSR ekranoplan or ground effect vehicle. It might be the "Lun Class Caspian Sea Monster"


TAO: thanks for the links! it's extremely interesting. these shapes are fascinating. straight out of a myiazaki movie, like a friend mf mine said. :)

bal: thanks. how are your doing? :):) glad seeing a word from you. oh, and you have new stuff on your site too, it rocks!


wow... awesome! I love it.

Toby Lewin

haha I just came in to post a new image and saw your new post on the my speedy looks like crap :D

I love these, they're amazing. You make awesome images look so effortless.

A.j. Trahan

ooOOOoo sweet paintings!

Daniel Lieske

Good to see you updating again! Your spaceship and landscape visions are really unique and inspiring.

Humza Khan


Hubert de Lartigue

Un avion russe à effet de sol. Il se sert de la couche d'air entre l'eau et ses ailes pour se sustenter avec un minimum d'énergie... Sinon j'adore tes speed n'en déplaise à certains... ;)


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