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Tribute to Foundation

A small tribute to Asimov's Foundation. no specific scene. Also, i have been messing around with my blog, i can't decide what template i should keep. i guess none! as usual, the simpler the better. i still haven't found back all my links. will put them back slowly.

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A. Riabovitchev

Very cool !:o)

Paul T.

Awesome dude, I always love the scale and composition with your stuff. Keeps me learning :P

Coirran Atonine

Wawawahou, vertigineux celui-ci ! On a envie de visiter de l'intérieur ton spaceboat.

Fran Johnston

Lovely stuff and great to see you blogging more regularly again.


I'm really really glad to see that you're updating back again. GREAT piece as always.


Nice work. Good to see ya posting again. I'm loving that beefy ship.

Toby Lewin

Holy crap your stuff's inspirational! I'm so geeked up that I made it on to your links too...did I win the lottery? :D

Chris Marker

I just love your style, especially the impression of scale in general, quite amazing. I know you must be getting this a lot, but is there a place to get a few of your pieces in wallpaper sizes? Anyway keep up the good work!


thanks all!
indeed i've been silent far too long. it's good to be back online right here. i'm adding back links and i'm amazed at all the new artists that appeared on blogspot these last three years. it's overwhelming!
Toastage: thanks! i love your stuff!
christophe: i never bothered doing prints but i'll make an effort this year.

Vladimir Bursać

Works of master!
Happy to see you active here again.
Love that feeling of endless space on your works and look of your flying machines. Composition and color are striking as always.
Don't stop posting! :o)

Mark Castanon

Favorite Sparth Painting!!! I have studied this one a lot.

Romain Jouandeau

Aaaah ca fait du bien de revoir du neuf, avec en plus quelque chose de nouveau dans l'air!

Eduardo Pena Chinorino

fundation,,, that's what sci fi was talking about wowow>>>>

Ifa Fernandes

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