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urban pilot

until now, i rarely had the dedication to spend more than 5 hours on a concept. but i have probably opened some cool "doors" lately, that allow me to be more successful at doing more finished works, without killing the images. here's an image done this way. always trying to keep the loose aspect from beginning to end. it's tuff. but rewarding.
this image is dedicated to my friend scott robertson. the flying thing in the middle is clearly "concept design 1" inspired. many thanks scott for all that visual stimulation!

and a small extract from the lower left part.

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hi sparth, i wont be using any adjectives & superlatives.. ( have done it endless times ) a BIG thanks! for providing all those visual treats + inspirations..
Your works are Depressingly Inspiring!
You ROCK !


awesome. definitely keeps the loose quick energy

Humza Khan

I like how the foreground elements create really strong silhouette shapes. It's great to be able to see your work grown and progress.

Manoj a menon

hi sparth,

big fan...

i had written a mail to you long long back..when you were about to have an operation on your leg..
im waiting for structura to arrive.
hope you are finding this in good health and spirits.

a little advice would be a big reward..

nb: pls draw some spaceships..i just LOVE your spaceships

Jared Shear

Amazing Sparth! I like the added detail and time you have put into the piece; while still leaving just enough for the viewer's imagination to take over and complete.


Great piece!
Thanks for the dedication. I've been doing a few more 3D enviro experiments, hope to have one for you this weekend. BTW Structura is now back in stock and looking better than ever!

Luca Cauchi

Jawdropping work man. Honestly, you should finish more of your works. The rendering is awaesome. :)

Keep it up.


Keeping it loose is always a challenge, right? Nice piece, I particularly like the areas of interest.

Thanks again for the inspiration!


Super super cool, like always, thanks a lot for the comment too, glad you like! look forward to seeing more!

Jason Kane

Excellent painting Sparth, I like the atmosphere, lighting, and mood. It still has lots of energy and fluid feeling despite how tight some areas are.


Eduardo Pena Chinorino

dam cool shot monsieur,, thanks for sharing this image>>>


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