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dump poetry

this one escaped from my brain in a snap tonight. packed the whole thing in an hour. just two tiny but extremely important hours of mind relaxation between kids going to sleep at 8 and me falling asleep two hours later. not much time, hence the urge sometimes.
i guess i was nostalgic. i was also being pretty much influenced by limbolo's formidable egyptian structures. it fascinates me. this one's for you neil. you're such a great inspiration.

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this is unbelievable!
I was always wondering about how long exactly you need for your speedies...
1 hour.
That's a hit in the stomach, really!
You are indeed one of the best (speed)painters out there!


thanx :D
time may vary greatly from one piece to another though.


Just to say: Salut Nicholas!


Really solid just one hour....
You've been getting better and better these last years, but in the past months...even better ! :)

I've been around here to learn a little bit !


Really solid work indeed!

Craig Mackay

1 hour... I can still see this one when I close my eyes. Inspiring piece.


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