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the rush

an extract of an already posted piece a year or two ago. i just liked that gas mask design and the crispy aspect i had added to it at the time. where the hell is this photoshop brush now. have no clue.

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I would hate to bore the other guests by you and I swapping complements....But, this is a nice example of something that you and Craig Mullins do so well: to really PAINT in the computer.
I also think it's quite minimal...Most Sci-Fi illustrators would be labouring the image with metallic and leathery textures.


Sparth, your kinetic, blocky brushstroke style is so damn gorgeous.


I agree on the opinions above. Reality in a painted image is achieved trough this kind of work.The eye reconstructs the abstract and the image becomesmore powerful : )
I suppose this sounds idiot !!

I just mean.... terrrrific work !
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Pusha V

Yeah f#%^&^ing yeah! Sparth is on blogger!
Going thru a mental celebration.
I have been studing your works for a while now.
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alberto mielgo

You have such a great things in your blog.
I just discover your blog through Limbolo's blog, and he was so right.
All your post are a fantastic new world.
So much respect and admiration.

720 X 576

Very inspiring work...
good control of storks and colors...
very well...


Looks like this one could have been an awesome character in Hellboy. It has that feel to it


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