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rene levesques in 2005

in june 2005, following an advice from my friend barontieri, i decided to buy a laptop in order to use it as a painting tool. live paintings. with hydropix, which had bought the exact same computer too, we went around Montreal during a few weeks, trying to find the best spot in order to paint. sometimes people were looking at us with interest or surprise. i remember that a guy had even asked me if it was possible to write things down with my small portable wacom. i told him he could do so, that way he wasn't deceived, but i really wanted to escape from the conversation. he was amazed. i was amused.

i perfectly remember this moment on the picture. we were on rene levesques, one of the main large streets in downtown. pretty much dead during the night, not like on st Catherine. very pleasant moments. and this last painting was done probably the day after, on desjardin.

by the way. i had written all this stuff down on december 20, before christmas. but i had kept it as a draft since. merry xmas to you all!

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just started blogging and found your name on a list just superb work here I'll be sure to bookmark your blog it's great for inspiration always.

Ricardo Laventill

I think the colour and technique u use it quite excellent i do most of my work by hand a computer is too hard get hold of always love the work.

Eric Gerhard

Hi, Mr. Bouvier. Very nice what you had put here. I've been wondering how it would be painting with a laptop, as your said in your website.
I live in Brazil and it's impossible to do it here without been robbed, but with the money I got from my first big work with a publishing house here in my country I could buy 2 computer screens with 17 inches each one. So, instead of carryng a laptop to the street, I can take a digital camera to pick the images and bring'em back home, where I can work them safely.
And don't forget I'm a very great fan of yours!
Merry xmas e happy new year for every body!


Bonne Annee Nicholas,
allow me to make the man-in-the-street remark:
"they look like photographs"
...But photographs hand painted on a computer-in-the-street...Extraordinary. I wonder if anyone has done this before?
Have you seen David Hockney's book on the interaction of painting and photography?
Sorry...Can't remember the title.


Glad you started posting these particular works of yours. As Limbolo said, not so many people have walked that twisted path yet!
I remember thinking your actual concept paintings beneficiated almost instantly of these life studies done with the very same tools... Don't know if you felt that, too.
Bon Champagne :)


SECRET KNOWLEDGE: Recovering the lost techniques of the old masters.
By David Hockney.
ISBN: 0-500-23785-9

Galan Pang

Hi! nice to meet you in here!
I m a concept designer in Hong Kong.
It is good to start a BLOG here and share my works with the profestional like you and others!
I like your works.
come visit my Blog if your have time and comments are welcome!


Hello, i actually took a look at your works, and seriously, it's amazing and greatly motivating...(even the step by step on cafésalé, just woaw...) ans well i was wondering some things, maybe its not the right place to ask for...

First, well i would like to know the way you've come this far. In fact, it's that i'd like to do the same job as you ( design, quand tu nous tiens ) but i don't know the way begin with, where to look for and where to study... i know it's quite a bothering question, but if you can take a look at it i'll will be highly thankful to you.

More, keep your paints up, it's astonishingly amazing ( especially the sci-fis painting that i love )
keep having inspiration and drawing your dreamworld


What awe inspiring work!

I've featured your blog on 'Designers who blog' here -->>

If you'd like to join in on the rotating banners (putting faces to names and blogs) just send over a photo and I'll make it so.




great work! i look forward to seeing you at the next Gnomon workshop


Hey Sparth! Glad you started blogging! So many great work. I always loved your style. I've been following your work on sijun!
(I'm Mitsui on sijun).
Well I will come back frequently!

I'll put you on my link list. Hope you don't mind.



Awesome stuff Sparth! When I first got my tablet pc I went sketching in the night as well. Fantastic realism

alberto mielgo

I never tought about it. What a nice idea!
the paining is so strong and nice!


Extraordinaire Nicolas! magnifique, c'est vrai que je n'ai jamais pense a aller faire mes croquis ou aquarelles dans la rue sur mon laptop, le resultat est surprenant!
Bonne Annee!


late reply. many thanks for all your kind comments.
thecatcat, thank you for that :D
limbo: thanks for the book ref!


Adam Logan

I'm curious, what type of laptop specifically did you end up getting? I'm considering a laptop (or tablet pc?) For doing life sketches, (and graphics etc)and my guts tell me you have something that's moderate.


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