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romantic snow boom

on one hand, having a winter without snow is depressing. dallas is not the sort of place to find your car burried in snow in the morning, i've been fooled. :D on the other hand, the fact of not having to put ten layers of clothing on every kid when going outside is an immense pleasure. it's probably the worst thing i had to deal with while living in Montreal. imagine two squeeking kiddies, with only the head visible. then you enter into a mall. you remove everything if you don't want them to become red like apples. then 20 minutes later, you leave. repeat the process... on and on. until summer comes.
i used to love snow. now i still love it though. on photos or in magazines.

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looks like it is part of a bigger picture ? I'm from new York i dont mind snow but 3 degree's Fahrenheit that sucks .

Bruno Werneck

yeah, tell me about it. I'm in Chicago... :(

Arthur Haas

This one looks a bit more like the"old" Sparth-style, a bit more painterly, a bit softer somehow. Your recent technique seems a bit harder edged. Don't get me wrong:I also love it and continue to be inspired and humbled by your art. It's just that I'm coming from a very stiff painting style that's been slowly changing because of influences like you, that seemingly loose style from a while ago that showed me that sci-fi doesn't need to be overly sharp and detailed. I thank you for it. Funny that my legal name is Arthur by the way. Keep it up!


I love how you can feel the warmth of the sun in the cold environment!

Elliot Cowan

Your work is incredible.
It is so far removed from anything I would ever do.
I have trouble imagining where I'd begin!

Bruce Glidewell

Amazing work. I just stumbled upon your site through a friends. I'll definetly keep checking back.

alberto mielgo

This is an Amazing christma!
very nice to meet you and your art.
happy new year!


I LOVE your work


wonderful work (as usual)

i too love the snow... how it LOOKS, that is. i'm amazed how intense the shadow colours are in snow, depending on the lighting conditions. facinating stuff, and you capture it so perfectly!

cheers, and happy christmas, bro!

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