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second drag

second drag was an artwork done around september, while discovering a lot of new techniques with the Montreal team. tried to keep it confidential until now, even though i must have posted it on forums already. doing this serie of spaceships and building was a lot of fun, especially because the different techniques i had developed with my friends helped me obtain nice compositions in sometimes less than 15 minutes. it helps gaining self confidence. however, do not expect me to explain all my tricks, it would be like revealing you the coca cola recipe, i bet you wouldn't maybe drink as much coke if you knew what it was made of . . .

music: try pandora if you desperately need musical inspiration. thanks thierry for the link.

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Perry Linton Joseph Osuna

your art is insane there are no other words for me use I can't get enough


It is good to know the techniques others use, but techniques are nothing if you don't have the brains to think quickly of those compositions. Fast compositions ? That means you have a fast mind... :))
This image is really nice!

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Perry Linton Joseph Osuna

just amazing to see your work everytime it hurts me a little that I can't do that

kraal wiggins

Great work but can you reveal atleast some of you speed techniques :)

but honestly i love your work


secretsss..... ooohhhhh defintely peeked my interest!


crazy work...your stuff has a great sense of atmosphere...I think its cool you can rock these in such a short time...the sketch like feel is what keeps it live and dynamic


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