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this one is an oldie. a fast sketch done for a children book cover a year or two ago. the sketch did not correspond to the exact demand, so i continued on other concepts and left this on in a drawer. i kind a liked it though. damn, i even forgot to add the final cover to my site covers page. probably because within myself i found the final cover not good enough.

something completely different now. for those of you who aren't familiar with biosphere, that guy has been doing such amazing sound compositions for years now. he is the one who has created what we call today the "arctic sound". Ambient from up north. cold atmospheres. biosphere has a few mp3's on his site by the way. i often work with Geir Jenssen's compositions in the background. actually i always work with instrumental music in my ears, electronic, symphonic, scores and mental conpositions. i'll try to sometimes put my feelings on paper concerning this subject. music plays such an important part in my creative process.

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Hi Sparth!
I'm from brazil! nice blog! It's very awesome art.

alberto mielgo

well, to me , this is a beautifull painting.You must check your computer, I'm sure it is full of those!
I like the violent of the brush, very cleverly done.


Could not agree more about the music side .Instrumental music really helps me focus .John Digweeds soundtrack to stark raving mad is excellent - also I've been listening to hybrids latest effort "sci fi morning" as well as royksopp (i think that's the name of the group - from sweden)Orbital were my favourite but alas they are disolved now........
As usual the paintings are sweet - the atmosphere always hits very strongly.


I find that it is very hard to speedpaint people, as compared to landscapes. You seem to be able to do both very well (another example would be your concept of the prince). I would really love to see your work in action.

Chris Dacol

wow FantastiC!


I'm going to start taking my laptop around to paint from life. Living in Los Angeles - this will be a pretty interesting adventure. Thanks for the inspiration - your work is colossal.


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