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Once in a while, i like playing with my sketches folder. some sort of a treasure box filled with extracts, or even sometimes entire illustration that do not reach (yet) the standart i want them to obtain. it's a pleasure going in there and take a tour with my virtual scissors, going around, "snip snap". and you would not believe it, but sometimes, images tend to fit perfectly together, exactly like in a puzzle.

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Nice beautiful work!


amazing work sparth. I have been trying the improvisation process myself.. it's interesting how a lot of details can come out of a few seemingly random looking marks.
Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing more.

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Bruno Werneck

Welcome to the blog world Sparth!

You've always been an inspiration to me, as well as other concept artists.

I'll keep checking your blog, and maybe we can trade links too...


marc simonetti

Great to see you creating a blog.

I have a tremendous respect for you as an artist.
I'll try not to post too many "fan boy" comments, to let that blog be constructive and inspiring. :)




Hi, Sparth!
I consider myself as having a kind of subscription on your site, checking it regularly for updates. Your skill both inspires me ( on a good day)and depresses me (on a bad one).Question: do you use a Scott Robertson kind of technique with layercompositions that make you come up with these abstract compo's?However, your a master.


alina, bboy, and all, thank you all for your kind replies.
bruno: i'm honored!
marc: you already know what i thin k of your art my friend.
aman: yes indeed, there is a lot of research done with layers and different blending techniques involving also an abstract process.
we've had quite a few talks with scott, and indeed our techniques are similar in a lot of ways.
the only difference is that scott is able to add quite a lot of rendering end detailing to his images, and this is something i'm still learning, as my compositions have always been extremely nervous and sometimes too abstract.


wow... this one's great as well... I know I'm going to end up commenting on all your posts.

Love the ships in the air


I signed up to this blog thing just so I can comment on your blog hehe, big fan. I wanted to know if you visualize all of these details before you start drawing, or if you have a really general picture and just go with the flow and refine it. great work!


Awesome work! Very inspiring!


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